Castcast VII


In this episode, I rant about trying to reach out to one of my state representatives about helping autistic adults in the state.

Castcast VI


Castcast is back with a slightly more professional feel. Topics: New show, economy, job hunting, vaccines and the supreme court, neurotypicals are funny, medical update, obsessive hobbies never leave us, "How are you?"

Be sure to check out my friend, Bev's, blog at


Done while suffering from a 14 hour jet-lag. Please forgive me for that ;)

Topics: Autism and travel-- specifically airlines. Using your disability as a benefit instead of a road block.

Intro music: Tempest (de havilland vampire) by The Brothers Femme. I think I was used in the great video game Braid. You can find this on

Outro music: A Wandering Nothing by The Eternal (my solo project). You can find this song, and many others of mine, on

Where I’ve been, work, vacation, asperger’s syndrome,, tattoos, tarantulas, pug, Tumble, batman, superman, lois lane, electric car, etc.

part 2 of 2 (had to break it up due to file size)

Update: Podbean won’t let me upload the other half unless I pay for an account. I make nothing in return for this podcast, so that’s not happening. I’ll upload the second half (and remove this one) before my trip on Friday.

This podcast is rebroadcast with express permission from Brian Dunning of Please view his site for more wonderful podcasts like this one.

More details will be included on the vodcast uploading shortly.

Episode 3


Unavoidable obsessive niche interests, tattoos, discrimination, doctors, medical update, straight edge.

Intro music: Hôte #1 by Beefcake. Album- Hôte

Outro music: Identity by Indium- Jade on drums

Side note: After recording, while processing the podcast, I opened one of Rachel's strawberry daqueries. I took a tiny sip and couldn't stand the alcohol taste. It went back in the fridge, but it still means I gave in to the pain.

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